Now and Again by Jennifer Ellision Book Review and Giveaway

I joined my 2nd ever blog tour and I’m so excited. This one is also by an author that I’d never heard of. But when I learned she wrote new adult romance, I signed up right away. Plus, there’s a giveaway you book babes, so scroll down to the end and enter to win before you leave!

Before I link the cover, there’s a book trailer I wanted to share. I know. A book trailer. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing!

Now and Again Book Trailer


Doesn’t it sound good? It was. But before I get too ahead of myself, here’s a little more information.


Now and Again


Unemployed. Broke. Maid of Honor.

All (unfortunately) words that describe Em Hayes.

Without any job leads in San Francisco, Em caves to her mother’s promise of free rent and returns home. Her best friend, Nikki, couldn’t be more thrilled. Em’s degree in Event Management is gathering dust, and what better way to put it to use than planning Nikki’s wedding?

There’s just one flaw in that plan: Cole Connors. The girls’ former roommate. And part of the reason Em hasn’t been back since college graduation.

Em’s never been able to forget Cole—or how close they were before she pushed him aside and ran for the hills. Cole’s never forgotten Em either— but in the past two years, she hasn’t given him much choice but to try.

And, according to Nikki, there’s no better pair to plan the wedding of her dreams.

Em’s usually good at squashing messy feelings, but being around Cole again brings them all rushing to the surface.

And this time, she’s not sure she wants to run.




The first thing I loved about this book was the voice. Sometimes I feel like the new adult book community may not care about excellent voice if the sex is hot or whatever, but I do appreciate a nice writing voice. I believed I was reading Em and Cole.

Another thing that was WAY DIFFERENT from the new adult books that I normally read, was that this book is cute and fairly clean. I’m used to reading (and loving) some fairly raunchy stuff so I was really not sure how much I’d like this, being in the new adult genre but being so clean. Well, it didn’t affect the story one bit. I really liked it. And the lack of dirty smut (haha) didn’t take away from anything.

I also really liked the dual perspectives told in the story. I’ve always been a fan of that story telling technique, so I really felt like it added something to the narrative.

I read some reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and saw that other bloggers had the same thoughts I did. I loved Cole. Loved the guy. Seriously. But sometimes I wanted to grab Em by the shoulders and shake the crap out of her for the way she was acting. I sympathize with that. But also, I liked it. Because sometimes in life, we act weird and we don’t always know why we do (or why people) do the things they do. Sometimes after traumatic events, we realize that it’s hard to let people in again. I think that Em and Cole’s issues and their reactions made the story believable. I mean, we do need some action, right?

Overall, I think that Jennifer Ellision is a fantastic writer and I would love to read more books from her. If she does write smut, I’d love to read that next. I know, I’m shameless.

I give this 4.5 (rounded to five) enthusiastic stars.



About the Author


Jennifer Ellision spent a great deal of her childhood staying up past her bedtime with a book and a flashlight. When she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read, she started writing them. She loves words, has a soft spot for fanfiction, and is a master of the fangirl flail. She resides in South Florida with her family, where she lives in fear of temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit.

Jennifer is the author of the YA fantasy series, Threats of Sky and Sea, as well as the New Adult contemporary novel, Now and Again.

Jennifer on Twitter

Jennifer’s Blog

Jennifer on Goodreads

Other books by Jennifer



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